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To me, the pursuit of photographic excellence involves a lifelong commitment to perfecting my vision, obsessing over details, mastering techniques, and developing qualities such as patience and determination. This requires in-depth location research, the creation of a comprehensive itinerary (complete with detailed plans) based on photographic objectives and seasonal conditions, and the scheduling of essential factors like moon phases, astrophotography times, blue hour, sunrise, and golden light for each 24-hour period. Getting a desirable outcome often requires more than just having plans. In Iceland, the weather is a wildcard that can cause even the most carefully constructed plans to unravel, which highlights the importance of adaptability and flexibility.
Between RocksGuardianMalariff LighthouseDuskEdge of LightSlowmotionMeeting PlaceRock, Pebbles, SandGatewaySea ArchEnd of the roadSofter colorsKirkjufellsfoss Aurora & Shooting StarBjarnarhöfn ChurchBuðir Black ChurchGreeting PartySweet and TastyMade it to RetirementUnforgiven SeaGrounded and deserted

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Keywords:in-depth location research, lifelong commitment, mastering techniques, obsessing over details, perfecting vision, photographic excellence