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For the last couple of years, I’ve enjoyed wandering thru and photographing a fantastic variety of flowers growing close to where I live. The property contains five gardens; a flower field, kitchen, food park, river, and formal garden. This endeavor was made possible by my work on a project for the Mandarin Museum, where I documented the historic structures and landscapes of Mandarin. To see the images from that project, I have created a separate gallery, which you can access by clicking here - Mandarin.
GardenersCharacterThe ArrangementMorning ShowerButtonsProminentGracePainted PansiesNo SlouchingMr FokkerFloating in AlyssumMorning ImpressionsShowing GuttationRoyalsPoincianaWhat to pollinate?Beeline thru the ThistlesButterflies!Pincushions & Asparagus